Creating or updating an Asset

Creating or updating an Asset uses the same form.

You can simply create a new Asset by selecting 'Add Asset' from the left hand navigation. To edit any details go to the Asset and click the Update button that will appear in the top right hand corner. 

Before you start:

Before start the creation of a new Asset please make sure you have:

  • A Location set up to connect your Asset to
  • You have decided to use either a pre-defined Asset Type or you've set up a custom Asset Type. 

Connected Location: 

If you haven't already created a Location that this Asset will be part of then go back and do that now. Once you have the Location set up then link it to your asset here. 


Give your Location a name. Keep it unique so it will be easily recognisable in future to yourself and your wider team. 


A description should include any key information about the Asset such as use, management and condition. Try to include information that will make it easier for others to understand the Assets purpose and position within the Location. 

Asset Type:

In this dropdown you will see all of the pre-defined Asset Types and custom Asset Types in the system. If you need a custom Asset Type for this Asset then go back and create this now. If you haven't already created an Asset Type to fit this Asset then go back and do that now. There are pre-defined Asset Types set up Once you have the Location set up then link it to your asset here.

Ensuring your Asset Type is set will make it simpler to see data from all of the same Asset Types in the future. 


If during the process of setting up your Location you have added the Location to the Map then this will automatically appear here once you choose the Connected Location. If you haven't done this then you can set this up later by using the update function.

If this is set up then use the map controls to zoom into your Asset's position, once you have found it use the Marker tool to drop a Marker on your Asset's position. 

If you are updating your Asset you can edit the position by clicking the edit button or delete the layer and recreate. 

Asset Image:

Add an image here of your Asset to help in the identification of it in the future. Remember a picture is worth 1000 words. 


Whether creating or update make sure you click Save at the end! If you've made an update but don't want to save it for any reason don't worry - click cancel to revert it. 

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