Creating or updating a Input

Creating or updating an Input uses the same form.

You can simply create a new Input by selecting 'Add Input' from the left hand navigation. To edit any details go to the Input and click the Update button that will appear in the top right hand corner. 

Before you start:

Before you start the creation of a new Input please make sure you have:

  • A Location and Asset set up to connect your Input to
  • You have decided to use either a pre-defined Input Type or you've set up a custom Input Type. 


Give your Input a name. Keep it unique so it will be easily recognisable in future to yourself and your wider team. 


A description should include any key information about the Input such as use, management and condition. Try to include information that will make it easier for others to understand the Input's purpose and position within the Location. 

Related Asset:

Which Asset is this Input connected to? 


Select if your Input is one of our partner providers, if not choose ‘Custom’ provider

Input Type:

What type of Input is this? You can use either a pre-defined type or set up your own custom Input Type. Refer to our help article on Input Types for more information on this. 


If you want to stop communicating with a Input switch to inactive.

Save Data: 

On: Save data for reference and download in the future.
Off: If you don’t need to use the data in future and just need a status.

Data Source:

This is how the Input will be communicated with. There two options for set up. The first, you set the Input to have data sent via our API. The second, through a URL that is available from the Input.

Within the Autumn platform you will be given a unique API Key, and Device ID once you save the profile. Head to our help centre for further help.

Data Source URL:

If you chose URL above enter the URL here.

Check every:

Define the intervals that the system should check the sensor to view and save data. Intervals are in minutes.


Whether creating or update make sure you click Save at the end! If you've made an update but don't want to save it for any reason don't worry - click cancel to revert it. 


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